Monday, 14 December 2009

Talking about pictures

Today we went and took pictures of different things that will be in our film. We took extensive pictures of benches and alleyways throughout Wrexham. The benches were in certain areas, without many people around and in the middle of town, with people around. This is because it will create realism. The alleyways were secluded, and the best we found was by a church.

We had some difficulties: small children, the public and cars. Also, the weather. It was terrible.

The pictures we got out of it were great! :) And it's given us an idea of where we want to shoot parts of our film.

Peace out.

- Chris and Matt

Possible locations?


Again outside the parish church, great place to do the chase scene. And also, although its a public footpath, there did not seem to be many pedestrains walking back and too causing problems.

This is one of the alleys located outside the parish church, its a sucluded area and I think it would be a great place to locate our chase scene.

This was an area we found near st.Giles school, we thought this could have been a good location for Ben to run and take a breather at.


This again near St.Giles school, its was a good location to do a running scene until we realised our film needed a more private area as an escaped patient would not run through such a publically open area.

This is one of the shots of a bench we took, at what we thought was the best location. This could be used for the scene when ben will be sitting on the bench before he meets the stranger.

- Jazz