Tuesday, 27 April 2010


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Monday, 26 April 2010

Screen shots of the movie..

Ben and Robyn, during the flashback of robyns death scene.

This screen shot shows the dark ghostly effect we put on the flashbacks. To do this we changed the the image to black and white, and played around with the brightness and contrast.

Last scene, Chris the corrupt police officer making the call.

This was the last shot, we wanted to do one more but ran out of time but this was luckily a good enough ending to fall back on, we ended it with a fade out to black.

Ben running to the church.

This was one of th longest shots we had in our film, it was also one of the longest uncut edited ones.

Chris and Ben in action doing the police interview flashback.

This again shows the effect we placed on the flashbacks, the same as the first screen shot.

- Jazz

Feedback From The Classmates...

Despite being unable to put our film on youtube/facebook, we gained enough feedback from classmates who watched our film.
Most of our target audience found our film to be confusing and did not understand some of the scenes, for example, 'going into the church'
But if the audience was to watch the whole film if we were to produce it, they would later discover that ben went to the church to find guidance for what he should do next, by visiting his sisters grave, who is seen dying in one of the flashback scenes.
Also despite them not understanding the role of the church they still found the location to be effective in creating meaning to the film even though it was the more confusing piece of the sequence.
Another point brought out in the feedback was the fact we had too many long shots, but this was only due to the fact most of our scenes were running and it was very difficult to get a good close up.

- Jazz

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Successful presentation today :)!

Today our group presented our presentation to the class, this enabled us to discuss issues and explain our idea in more depth to the class and possible audiences. although chris was unable to attend due to a trip to the opticions, the group pulled through well.
We discussed the audience type our film would be most appealing too as well as the inspiration we got from researching other movies.
But we were missing one or two things such as health and safety but later added them in.
We hope to have it up on the blog soon along with out movie..

- Jazz

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blog Issue

I would also like to bring up the following addressed issue we've had.
The colour playful background of the blog represents the characteristics of our team members personalities rather than the characteristics of the film.
This is because all the other groups would have made theirs dark and spooky and pretty much the same colour, where as we wanted to make ours look different from the rest and stand out more :)!

- Jazz


After finally completing the filming and editing process, I can not deny the fact I generally don't like the idea we did. Some people have said they don't understand whats happening and after taking this into consideration and watching it a few more times, I have began to see where they are coming from. I feel if we had a little bit more time, we could have maybe added the actual escaping from the mental buliding as well as the detective at the end throwing a bloody tea cloth into a dupster to prove he was involved somehow but Despite that, I feel the team did so well in the short amount of time we had after all the confusion and the changing of ideas half way through the process.
Although the general idea is slightly shabby, I feel the editing, camera work and acting were all very successful! as well as the great directing we needed in order to keep us going and in the end, with the idea we have still managed to make something as good as it is, out of almost nothing.
This really showed how well the team developed and how hard we all worked as the task easily became more and more difficult.

Well done to us all

- Jazz


The editing process was easily the best part for me, as half way through filming I decided I didnt like the idea, but had to continue with it as time was not on our side. But the editing allowed me to play about with all the shots we had taken and to make it into something better than I expected if im honest. The sound troubles we had with wind were easy to remove and adding a thriller type music in the background really brought out the genre of the film. Also changing the contrast and lighting of all the shots allowed us to make a darker atmosphere.

- Jazz