Thursday, 28 January 2010

Re-filming the first day :(

The first day we filmed, turned out to be a waste of time. After watching the footage, our marvellous team member Chris, came up with a new plan. As our original idea was too complicated and too long we decided to make it shorter by changing the ending, but this also meant we had to refilm everything again due to costume problems. We revisited the same locations and shot the same footage again but in the correct costume.
We bought a new Tshirt and red paint as we were unable to find fake blood anywhere...and then got to work on our mise en scene! It went well.

- jazz x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ben, The Actor

This is image of ben in character after the murder. An image we can maybe experiment with as a Possible DVD cover? For the t-shirt we used red paint as fake blood was unavailable anywhere at such short notice.

- jazz x

Monday, 11 January 2010

Opening scene

After we got back and viewed the footage we found that we had no close ups of ben. So we will have to go and do these shots on a different day. We need these shots to show that he is out of breath. But we could not film this today because the snow is causing problems for us. Matt and Jazz cant come in because of snow and also when we filmed last week there was no snow but now there is.

- Chris

First Day of Filming

We started filming the opening scene which is the scene when Ben escapes from the mental insitute. We started filming this outside the Parish church we used this location because of the alley ways which are around it also to have the church in the background it gives it a great atmosphere. After filming by the church we have decided that we may use the church as the place where the male and female characters first talk to eachother. This will be a better background story than them just meeting on a bench somewhere.

- Chris and Matt