Thursday, 15 October 2009

Heyyy, i'm jazz, i'm 18 years old and I go to Yale. I'm studying Welsh, Media and Psychology and i'm in a group with three complete fools, matt, ben and chris :)

Our Idea Pitch (before the idea was changed)

Prelim Task

We have done a prelim task. In this prelim task i was on screen acting. In are prelim task we made a little story up where someone was told they where going to be murdered by the killer, I no unlikely, that they would tell you but thats what it was about. The whole thing went well, the acting was good but i would say that, the camera work was good, got some great shots, but a couple of shots where wrecked by matt getting the boom into them. The editing was really good by Jazz she made it flow really well.
In this task I learnt how to use a camera and boom, also I can now sort of edit plus I learnt my teams strengths and weakness's.

- Chris :)
Hello, my name is Matthew. I'm 16 and I go to Yale college. The team I'm in is Teamincredible; in it is me, Chris and Jazzzzzzzzzz. We might get another member, if they ever show up.
Hello my name is Chris Belmont im 17 and go to yale collage in Wrexham, and im from Wrexham the courses im taking are Media, Law and sociology . In media the team im in is called team incredible in the team is myself, Matt, Ben and Jazz.