Monday, 26 April 2010

Feedback From The Classmates...

Despite being unable to put our film on youtube/facebook, we gained enough feedback from classmates who watched our film.
Most of our target audience found our film to be confusing and did not understand some of the scenes, for example, 'going into the church'
But if the audience was to watch the whole film if we were to produce it, they would later discover that ben went to the church to find guidance for what he should do next, by visiting his sisters grave, who is seen dying in one of the flashback scenes.
Also despite them not understanding the role of the church they still found the location to be effective in creating meaning to the film even though it was the more confusing piece of the sequence.
Another point brought out in the feedback was the fact we had too many long shots, but this was only due to the fact most of our scenes were running and it was very difficult to get a good close up.

- Jazz

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  1. the scene where i enter the church is the scene that we found people were interested in, people were curious about it and would have liked to watch more of the product to find out what happens.
    -Ben :)