Wednesday, 14 April 2010


After finally completing the filming and editing process, I can not deny the fact I generally don't like the idea we did. Some people have said they don't understand whats happening and after taking this into consideration and watching it a few more times, I have began to see where they are coming from. I feel if we had a little bit more time, we could have maybe added the actual escaping from the mental buliding as well as the detective at the end throwing a bloody tea cloth into a dupster to prove he was involved somehow but Despite that, I feel the team did so well in the short amount of time we had after all the confusion and the changing of ideas half way through the process.
Although the general idea is slightly shabby, I feel the editing, camera work and acting were all very successful! as well as the great directing we needed in order to keep us going and in the end, with the idea we have still managed to make something as good as it is, out of almost nothing.
This really showed how well the team developed and how hard we all worked as the task easily became more and more difficult.

Well done to us all

- Jazz

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