Monday, 26 April 2010

Screen shots of the movie..

Ben and Robyn, during the flashback of robyns death scene.

This screen shot shows the dark ghostly effect we put on the flashbacks. To do this we changed the the image to black and white, and played around with the brightness and contrast.

Last scene, Chris the corrupt police officer making the call.

This was the last shot, we wanted to do one more but ran out of time but this was luckily a good enough ending to fall back on, we ended it with a fade out to black.

Ben running to the church.

This was one of th longest shots we had in our film, it was also one of the longest uncut edited ones.

Chris and Ben in action doing the police interview flashback.

This again shows the effect we placed on the flashbacks, the same as the first screen shot.

- Jazz

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